Introduction to Your Core Business Numerology Profile

In business numerology there are three main numbers that make up the core business profile. They are your business:

  • Path – these are the strengths and opportunities of your business
  • Expression – this is your business mission or the role your business is here to serve
  • Motivation – this the message your business is here to share or your business niche

This information is found using the registration date of your business (business path) and your business name (business expression and motivation numbers). Personal numerology uses your full birth name and date of birth.

In an ideal world your core personal profile would align and support your core business profile. This is particularly important if you are a sole trader, solo-preneur or have a single owner/operator business.

If you are in a partnership, company, trust or any other entity structure then you will need to take the details of each of the main people involved (eg. Directors, partners, trustees etc.) into account.

This can be beneficial in helping to decide who is best suited to which role based on the strengths indicated in their personal numerology profile.

How do Personal Numerology and Business Numerology Differ?

Normally personal numerology has five core numbers:

  1. Life Path
  2. Expression/Destiny
  3. Heart’s Desire
  4. Personality
  5. Maturity

Some people include the birthday number instead of the maturity number.

In personal numerology your life path is the most important number. It makes up 40% of your profile. Your expression number makes up 30% and your heart’s desire number makes up 20%.

You may have noticed there are also two other core profile numbers. They are the personality number and the maturity number. Both numbers are split equally between the remaining 20% (10% each).

In business numerology however, there are only three core numbers rather than five. The personality and maturity numbers are two that are missing from the core business profile as they not really relevant.

Another difference is the percentage each number represents. Equal emphasis is placed on the business path and business expression numbers (35% each), while the business motivation number is only marginally less (30%).

Why is The Split Not an Equal One?

The reason for this is because the drive and motivation of your business can be overridden by you, the business owner or your personal numerology profile.

That is why it is so important your core business profile aligns with your core personal profile. If not, you may experience some unnecessary problems and obstacles on the path to achieve your business goals.

This article is part of the 4 part “Your Core Numerology Profile” series, where each article looks at a different element of the core business profile. Today, in part one, we covered what business numerology is and how it differs from personal numerology.

In parts 2-4 I will show you exactly how you can find your business path number (part 2), expression number (part 3) and motivation number (part 4). I will also share with you what they mean.

Don’t want to wait for part 2 but are interested in finding out more about how you can use numerology? No problem!